Voltage issues and ways a MEP Design can appease it

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Voltage issues are on the rise in many industrial and residential buildings. Tackling these becomes a necessity as these can cause serious harm to life and property. Power complications can also create serious fire hazards. Hence, a proper fire protection system design is mandatory in all types of buildings. The fire protection in buildings plays a crucial role in the safety of human lives and belongings.

There are various types of fire protection systems, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. An efficient MEP system helps in tackling voltage fluctuation issues in industries. The major power issues are voltage dips, spikes, electrical noise, rolling brownouts, and harmonic distortion. Even the most developed nations with best in class industries face these issues from time to time.

Voltage Issues And Ways A MEP Design Can Appease It

What is Voltage Sag?

Though we may use the term often, people don’t understand what it is and how to tackle it. Just when we see a flickering light, we say, yes there are voltage issues. That is all. We don’t think beyond it. A voltage sag is never an entire loss of power. When the voltage drops 90% below the average voltage level, it is termed as voltage sag. Industries suffer the most from these voltage sags as their productivity is affected by power issues. The primary sources of voltage fluctuations are both external and internal sources. External sources include utility transmissions and lines of power distributions. Internal sources are the ones within the customer’s reach. When a strong wind blows, tree branches would be blown towards power lines. This causes a series of voltage sags.

Here are some common types of voltage issues and their causes:

Voltage sags and voltage swells

These are first noticed in the change of computer displays. The images on the computer don’t fit the whole screen. It starts shrinking. This is mainly caused by an increase or decrease in voltages due to the connection or disconnection of major equipment.

Voltage Issues And Ways A MEP Design Can Appease It

Transient Voltages

Transient voltages cause data loss, processing errors, and burned circuit boards. It mainly occurs due to lightning which affects the working of some major equipment.

Interference in Electronic Devices

The transmission of sound through radios are modified, and it causes popping sounds and unclear transmissions. In-display devices too, the sounds are not clear, and the pictures start getting distorted. These are mainly caused due to electric blankets, touch-controlled lamps, doorbell transformers, and other such appliances. Loose hardware or damaged insulators too cause problems.

Harmonic disturbances

Communication errors, overheating, and damages to electrical hardware are the major symptoms in this case. It is mainly due to the electronic equipment which uses electricity in such a manner that it disturbs the normal electric wave patterns.

Ways to fight the Voltage issues

To ensure that the power quality is not compromised, more and more industries are now using power conditioning solutions. Power conditioner filters and cleans up the AC power and thus reduced power issues. They also increase the life of electric components that are connected. Thus installing a high-quality power conditioner ensures that issues like high voltage, spikes, lightning, and surges are avoided.

Voltage Issues And Ways A MEP Design Can Appease It

UPS systems solve most of the voltage issues. It also provides a continuous power supply to critical loads to withstand sudden loss or dip in the supply of power. UPS systems also filter off electrical system disturbances and aids in the smooth operation of electronic equipment. Thus a UPS system solves most of the power disturbances and ensures a smooth flow of power.

Usage of a proper MEP design system solves the voltage issues of industries and ensures that the industrial processes take place following their usual way. Power failures and fluctuations, if properly monitored using the right methods do not cause any issues to industries. So for the industries on the verge of opening, it is better to consider professional assistance in these issues before starting up. Having the right MEP design not only allows you to relax that the voltage issues will not bother you much; it also means that your new place is safe and sound from electrical disturbances.

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