Reasons why you must upgrade your Lighting Solutions to LED Right Now!

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Are you contemplating whether moving your existing lighting to LED lighting is worth it or not?

LED lighting has taken the market by force in the last couple of years. Everywhere we turn, we come across new, models of LED lighting. They play a prominent role in both technological as well as in commercial applications. They offer immense benefits for the end-consumer as well as the environment. With the global arena on the lookout for more sustainable solutions, LED has gained further attention.

There has been an exponential growth in the usage of LED illumination in both the private and public sectors. As LED lighting solutions see a significant drop in prices, more and more businesses are moving towards them. Several firms that offer building maintenance services opt for LED lights because of significant savings in cost and a greater ROI.

LED lights are a boon to the environment. Their emission is so minimal, that they are nicknamed as green lighting. Apart from saving the environment, LED lights offer an array of other benefits. Let’s look at a few of the top reasons why you must move to LED lighting solutions now.

Enhanced Lighting

LED lights provide you with superior lighting because of their natural, white lights. All other conventionally used lights including the popular CFCs provide a dimmer, yellow light. The light emitted from LEDs is crisp and as close to natural daylight as possible. This is advantageous when it comes to public lighting on the streets. Studies report that LED lights offer greater visibility for both pedestrians as well as drivers, reducing the incidences of accidents. When used as headlights for vehicles, it reduces the glare of oncoming vehicles to a great extent.

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Studies further claim that LED lighting is healthier for the eyes in the long run. This makes them ideal to be used as Mood lighting fixtures. They do not flicker like other conventional lighting solutions. This reduces the occurrence of headaches and other vision problems.

Improved Alertness and Cognitive Performance

LED improved mental alertness and maximizes performance when used both indoors as well as outdoors. Biological studies state that our body’s internal clock is intricately linked to the day and night cycle. Human beings are wired subconsciously to associate certain lighting colors with particular times. This is the major reason why halogen lights and incandescent lights decrease efficiency and lead to fatigue, restlessness and poor vision.

The LED lighting provides a light that is as close to natural daylight as possible. This improves concentration levels, leading to increased efficiency. This is highly beneficial during cold winter months for indoor lighting in places like schools, hospitals, and businesses, as well as during night-time driving.

Superior Safety

  • LED is completely free of UV emissions. Hence they do not lead to premature aging, headaches and skin cancer like CFL. For areas, where you want to have the lighting solutions as close to your desk as possible, you can make use of LED without any harmful effects to your eyes as well as skin.
  • Mercury-free. This harmful substance is present in both incandescent as well as fluorescent lights. Mercury is the major cause of several diseases and LED eliminates this risk completely.

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Improving Mood Levels

LEDs are safe and silent lighting solutions. Scientific research claims that the buzzing sound emitted by fluorescent tube lights leads to fatigue, attention loss, irritation, and mood swings. Though not all are affected by this, a significant number of people are affected. LED, on the other hand, is totally silent, thereby preventing noise pollution and its effects.

Unbeatable Savings

This is the biggest reason why several firms are switching over to LED lighting solutions. A regular LED light has a lifetime up to a whopping 50,000 hours. This translates to using the same light for 8 hours daily for a period of twenty years. They offer unparalleled savings for you. Their unmatched longevity and durability outlive all other lighting solutions in use now. Hence they offer the greatest ROI.

Did these top five compelling benefits of LED lights convince you to make the switch?
LED has many other advantages, so ensure that you migrate to LED to save both the environment as well as your money!

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