Project Closeout: A Detailed Plan for this Phase

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Project closeout is an essential part of any industrial design project. The project closeout is connected with the payment terms and the retention amount. This stage is for tying up the loose ends and transferring the project seamlessly to the client.

The final days of a project have a significant impact on overall profitability and success. If something goes wrong at the end, it could turn that “perfect” project into an absolute nightmare.

” Projects are remembered not by how they start but how they finish. ”


During this phase, all components of the project need to be properly finished and signed off on before the project team is dissolved. A well planned, step by step, approach to project closeout can also avoid problems and ensure the client is delighted with the experience and final results.

The change requests, documentation have to be reviewed at this stage.

The following have to be checked:

  • A document that all work has been completed as outlined in the original contract; if something is missing, incomplete or not done correctly, document and take steps to correct.
  • Review legal requirements and ensure that all terms have been met.
  • Review any change orders to ensure that these have been completed prior to client closeout.
  • Review client notes to ensure that any requests have been attended to and that the site is truly ready to be handed over.

Client Closeout

Client closeout is a chance to ensure that the client is satisfied with the deliverables and also to confirm their acceptance. This helps in sealing a good relationship with the client.

Final Report

A final project closeout report creating a document that outlines each of the previous steps and provides insight into each part of the process. Use this memo to demonstrate that all facets of the job are complete, list out any problems you identified, and offer suggestions to improve performance in the future. This report can be presented to upper management and used to further improve your processes and performance.

“Starting something can be easy, it is finishing it that is the highest hurdle.”
― Isabella Poretsis

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