How to improve Engineering Design quality?

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Structural Engineering Design


Mistakes during the design process can cost the structural design companies heavily. Young engineers are multi-tasking to keep up with their commitments thereby compromising on the design value. It is here quality improvement aspects can be employed. Even a minor error can cost you heavily to fix even before detection. This is where quality control plays a pivotal role during the engineering design stage instead of in the later production phase. Early detection can save the company a big amount of time and money. There is a wrong perception among engineers that engineering design cannot be repeated within the prescribed set of actions and hence quality enhancement cannot be carried out. The following tips can give you a chance to improves the quality of engineering design.

Industrial Design In India – Improving Engineering Design Quality

Quality control checklist

Can get you free from design glitches. Checking at the design stage ensure the mistakes are not carried forward into the production line. Tick one box after the other to ensure there is no room for any error. Though, it may sound to be a basic step it has an incredible effect saving your industrial building construction company a great deal of time and money.

Choosing appropriate tools

Computer-aided design (CAD) software matching the project requirement and the company demands, ensures efficiency in engineering design.

Stay connected

Connecting with customers right through the de

sign process can protect the investment of the company. There are times when even a small miscommunication between the client and the company can lead to delay in production. To get a clear understanding of what the client needs, keep them informed about the design progress. Regularly communicating with the client and the teams working with other stages of the project can eliminate any ambiguity that can lead to design disaster at a later stage.

Adapt methodologies

There is no need to make a new invention in the engineering design process. The best practices are already available in the form of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies for all disciplines of engineering. Failing to adopt these techniques can lead to design failure. Continuous improvement should not stop with just the boardroom but percolate further down the team to excel in all aspects of design.

Structural Engineering Companies – Key Features On Improving Engineering Design Practice

Companies work on the engineering design capabilities to bring in competitiveness in the business. They should understand the following:

  • Include a complete and consistent product realization
  • Providing strategic advantage
  • Choose the latest design practices
  • Creating the ideal environment for the engineering design process
  • Creating a dedicated agent to execute new practices
  • Promoting and supporting continuous training for engineers
  • Supporting research and development in the field of engineering design
  • Inducting best practices as and when they evolve
  • Taking to modern accounting management systems

Industrial Design Firms In Kochi – Improvement In The Field Of Engineering Education

Improving engineering design training can be helpful in the long run for the development of engineers who want to become reputed designers and team leaders. Education provides a robust foundation to sustain in this competitive field. In order to improve the syllabus and teaching methodologies of engineering design, the following advice can be followed.

  • The engineering curriculum must meet the design accreditation criteria
  • Doing an evaluation metric for both engineering design curricula and mechanisms is advised in order to monitor operations in accordance with the metrics
  • Include international engineering design methods to the course
  • Bring in external advisory members from among engineers and managers to overlook the improvement in the design components added to the program
  • The students have the yearning to learn continuously during the progress of their career.
  • Appointing agents across the colleges to collect information on the latest instructional materials is necessary. These agents should work to promote interdepartmental, university and industry cooperation oriented to the design process. They should also formulate a metric to evaluate the design during the course of the curricula
  • Finally, among the faculty include senior industry experts with expertise and experience in emerging design practices.

It is the role of industrial firms to create awareness about the needs of the industry to the university. The firms have to clearly state their requirements on including contemporary principles, methodologies, and design concepts. The firms should give an opportunity to the student and faculty to be part of the industry and the academic world to promote participative excellence.

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