Importance of a Fire Safety Design for your Industry

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Many companies suffer considerable losses in lives and property due to lack of fire safety. Fire is caused mostly due to ignorance, carelessness or faulty equipment and is risky for your business as it can seriously injure or kill occupants. Moreover, there is significant damage to the buildings as well as stock. Fire can be prevented in most cases by having a Fire Safety Design in place. Taking appropriate measures to prevent or lessen the chances of fire can minimize risk to your business. Here are the Fire Safety Design guidelines provided by the fire protection consultants:

Fire Safety Design:

A fire safe building should have the following systems in place.

• Hazard protection: It is a suppression system designed for unique and hazardous materials. Some businesses deal with flammable liquids, furnaces, electrostatic painting, etc. To protect your building and other assets these systems can be used in your fire design.

Industrial fire alarm: These are the standard fire alarm system that provides buildings the necessary fire alarm.

Industrial fire suppression systems: These systems can come in both high and low CO2. Other suppressants like Nitrogen and Inergen can be used based on your fire protection design.

Fire detector system: This comes in conjunction with a suppression system so that you get enough time to respond to a fire emergency. These systems are designed to detect flame, heat, gas, smoke, etc.

Notification systems: These systems are used as an add-on to the fire alarm system. Fire safety companies in Chennai recommend this system as it can help to notify occupants in case of a fire break out in the building. It uses paging phone calls, text and voice messages for communication.

Fire and safety consulting tips for Fire Evacuation

In an emergency, it is critical that the occupants know to react quickly and also fulfill the responsibilities.

When the fire protection design is in place, the employees will know how to respond and safeguard themselves. A plan should be in place for helping employees with special needs. The employees should know what role to play. Thus there is a need for documentation stating how to handle emergencies. The evacuation design should have the following

• Employees are trained and informed about the fire safety design
• Have more than one exit point from a building in case of a fire breakout.
• The exit points should be cleared of all obstacles all the time.
• Exit points should have signages with proper lighting. Emergency lighting has to be readily available in case of power failure.
• Exit doors are unlocked when there are occupants in the building.
• Access to safe assembly areas from exit points.

Location of safety equipment:

The fire safety equipment should be in an area where it can be easily identified. If there is a fire, it should be accessible so that fire can be put out. The fire extinguishers placed should be according to the type of fire that is identified by industrial architects in Chennai based on the fire risk. Locations, where the safety equipment is placed, should be mentioned in the fire safety design so that they can be found and used to stop the fire. That can potentially stop the fire and prevent more damage from being done.

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