Flooring – An essential component of a Industrial building

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The floor is that part of the building, room, hallway that forms the lower enclosing surface and is the part upon which one walks. Flooring provides a clean, durable, leveled finish to the floor.

The flooring is an essential part of any building and involves a major part of the cost too. The process to complete flooring involves a proper base for the flooring.

An industrial floor has to provide a smooth seamless movement of not only the workers but also the material handling equipment and should be able to take the load of the machines. There could be additional requirements like dustproof, easily cleanable, joint-less, hygienic, chemical resistant, impact-resistant, scratch-proof, etc.

  1. Subgrade: The subgrade should be properly compacted. The purpose of the floor base is to provide a strong surface to the floor covering. The soil is watered and rammed properly.
  2. Sub-base: This is the layer above the subgrade and is usually 380mm thick. Granular Sub Base (GSB) is usually laid in 3-4 layers with the total thickness not exceeding 380mm. Any increase in the thickness would increase fluidity. This layer prevents water to move upward and seep into the slab.
  3. Vapour Barrier/ Slip Membrane: This is usually of the thickness of 500 microns or above. This membrane is placed to avoid moisture.
  4. Flooring: is done using steel reinforcements or fiber reinforcements. This is the most critical part of the entire process. The concrete used has to be based on the load requirements.
  5. Floor finishes: The floor could be covered by any of the following methods:
    • Hardner & Densifier sealer
    • Tiles/Granite
    • Epoxy Coating etc

Each method of floor finishes has its own advantages and disadvantages. The industrial sector chooses hardner and sealer as the floor becomes dust proof, has easy maintenance. Tiles and granite are used in residences, commercial complexes, offices, etc.

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