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The ever-increasing urbanization, the growing population, has brought about an increasing need for transport- both public and private. Climate change has made the shift to electric vehicles essential. Electric vehicle market first came in the mid-19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for motor vehicle propulsion, where a level of comfort along with ease of operation that couldn’t be achieved by the gasoline cars. In the 21st century, Electric vehicles saw a resurgence due to technological developments, and an increased focus on renewable energy.

There is going to be a sea of change in the coming years to accommodate the Electric Vehicle market.

1. Soon, there is going to be a significant change in the way people look at Fuel pumps. They are going to be a place where the vehicle owners can shop groceries and home needs, dresses, have food, and utilize their time while their vehicle is charged. The fuel station owners are going to realize the prospect of having a multi-purpose complex with a charging station.
2. Many food joints are likely to keep charging centers in their parking lot to attract customers who would like to recharge their vehicles while they have food.
3. Banks, hospitals, industries will provide a charging station for visitors as well as their staff.
4. Due to an increase in electric vehicles, there is a good market for industries in the recycling sector.
5. In industries, the infrastructure has to be altered to suit the needs of an Electrical Vehicle. Both the two-wheeler & four wheeler Vehicle Parking should have the facility for charging.
6. The industries should also consider providing charging stations for vehicles bringing in and taking out materials. There should be provision for charging in visitor parking too.

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