Can Engineering Design Simplify Industrial Construction and Maintenance?

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Engineering design is usually viewed as an unavoidable step in the Industrial construction process, since starting a building without an approved design is illegitimate. However, the engineering design stage provides a unique opportunity to enhance building features and achieve long-term benefits.

When you work with a qualified MEP consultant, you get more than a simple design according to local building codes. A top-level design includes energy efficiency measures while providing detailed information to simplify installation and construction. The layout of MEP systems can also be optimized to streamline maintenance activities.

How Effective Design Simplifies the Installation Process

Detailed design includes a clear project scope, which can be easily broken down into specific tasks. When contractors know precisely what to do, they can manage projects costs and time more effectively. Design documents should also include construction details to clarify installation when plans and specifications are not enough.

  • 3D modeling software brings significant advantages over conventional 2D drafting since location conflicts can be detected before starting work. Editing a digital model is faster than a change order in an existing project, and there are no material costs involved!
  • 2D drawings provide limited information when many components share a small space, which is often the case in mechanical and electrical rooms. This is especially true when elements are aligned vertically, where they seem to overlap on 2D drawings, requiring plenty of annotations and complementary details.

Being smart with the equipment layout also pays off. The best MEP engineers check their designs to ensure that component locations do not complicate the installation process. With a poorly planned layout, on the other hand, contractors end up with a puzzle on their hands and installation errors are more likely.

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