Building design services and tackling of possible risk factors for them

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Designing a building is never an easy task. Lots of time and effort is put into the detailed design process of a building. By the word design, many of us misinterpret it as just the way the building looks from outside. No! That is not the design of the building. That is just the elevation look of the building. Design of the building is the way in which the building structure is designed. It involves the concrete mix, the reinforcement steels used, the fine aggregate, coarse aggregates and much more. Building design services play a very important role in this phase of construction.

The survey of building premises is the first thing one would do before they design the building. The pre-design part is a phase of analyzing the work to be done after the funds are made available and prior to the start of design. A site visit would be the first thing to do. During the site visit, the entire area is studied in detail, the space restraints are noted, the possible advantages and disadvantages of the site are also noted. Here are some of the major parts of the pre-design service:

  • Analysis of site which includes the selection of site, reviewing existing structures within and around the site, and collecting geotechnical reports.
  • The cost estimation of building construction. An approximate estimate of the amount needed for the construction is calculated according to the building plan that is made after the site visit.
  • Deciding the equipment, spaces and other requirements needed for the construction
  • Value engineering process. It is a way of scrutinizing the program, selection of the site and budgeting of the project.

Project Management Services, Building design services, and Risk Mitigation Services Are Done To Perfection By Professionals

The management of the project and the risks associated with it can only be done by experienced professionals in the field. The contract management in construction is also a crucial part of the construction process. A detailed contract duly signed by both the builder and the customer is always made before the beginning of construction. The detailed study of the site during the pre-design phase brings to light many possible risks that can cause issues in the future. Detailed analyses like hydrology studies, geotechnical studies, analysis of existing buildings, land surveying, and also surveys of materials that are hazardous helps a lot in finding all the possible risks.

Geotechnical reports help to identify the fault zones, mudflow areas, landslide possibilities, and also areas that are subject to liquefaction and subsidence. The study of soil samples helps to identify the depth of the groundwater, shrink potential and the swell potential. It also helps to know about the compressive strength and stability of the soil. Hydrology studies help to identify aquifers, areas of erosion hazards, areas of tsunami hazards, mudslide hazards, etc. Analysis of existing buildings helps to identify fire and safety issues, earthquake resistance, the vertical load bearing capacity of beams, columns, etc.

Building Design Services Helps In Eliminating Possible Hazards And Risks




As a result of all the studies and analysis done in the pre-design phase, all the possible risks are identified. The appropriate measures are also taken to avoid these risks. The site is prepared, compacted or loosened up to avoid risks and make the site ready for construction. All the possibilities of tsunami hazards and earthquake hazards are dealt with using appropriate measures to mitigate it. The special foundation requirements are identified, and foundations are built based on the studies. Proper drainage mechanisms are built to ensure the building remains safe and secure from floods. Trees that might pose harm to the structure can be removed. All these risk mitigation measures make sure that the building remains undeterred under any risk conditions. These processes constitute an important part of companies that provide Building design services.


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