5 common misconceptions surrounding BIM Services

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Recently, we’ve seen increased attention for BIM (Building Information Modelling) within Industrial infrastructure design. There have been more take-up from smaller businesses and SMEs who wish to demonstrate their capability. However, some industrialists fail to understand how BIM fits into their organizations. 

1. BIM is just for Tier 1 Manufacturers

All manufacturers must repair for BIM – not only the larger companies. All Manufacturers must be able to demonstrate their BIM capability to be considered for publically procured projects. Besides, the main contractors that wish to manage their supply chain better will require sub-contractors to demonstrate their ability to deliver projects using BIM.

2. BIM is just for government projects

 While the governance framework in INDIA has encouraged the need for BIM, it doesn’t have to be for government projects alone. Achieving certification for BIM Level 2 for industrial design can give organizations a competitive advantage when it comes to private plans. 

3. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is far too complicated for my organization

BSI has developed several training courses to help raise awareness and ensure that BIM is embedded within each manufacturing unit. It also helps to break down the complexities surrounding the topic to make it as simple as possible to get on board. These courses are fully aligned with the government and industry requirements, as well as the relevant BIM standards.

4. BIM is just 3D modeling

While the 3D model associated with BIM is an exciting part and also it’s not the only one. It allows designers and engineers to communicate about design and coordinate information across different levels, enabled through technology. While process and technology are an essential part of BIM, the right culture and behavior are also vital in ensuring that Manufacturers are BIM-ready.

5. BIM won’t last evermore

 The influence of digital technology on building construction is only going to increase, and BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a critical aspect of this new world. For those manufacturers looking to gain competitive advantage, reduce outgoings, and work more efficiently. As it’s necessary to get on board to ensure that it becomes ‘business as usual’ for the construction industry.

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